Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little shameless self promotion

Hey all!  I'm participating in a small quilt contest at my local quilt store and would love it if you wanted to stop by their facebook page and show me a little "like" love.


Each "like" my quilt gets means another vote, so feel free to pass this link on to your friends as well!


(here is a close up of my quilt too)  It was done by thread painting based off of a photo that Bob took outside our house.  I can't wait to make a larger scale version!


Lynn Cohen said...

Oh Monique of course I will vote for you! Tell the gals at quilts around the world too ! Then go to my Wednesday blog today and see the first photo there! Our owls could be sisters! Your quilt is beautiffully done, it deserves a prize!

Jay said...

Fabulous!! You have my vote!!